Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to Art Legacy

Welcome to my blog, Art Legacy! Blogging is new to me, but my hope is to connect with other artists who also blog. I love vintage photos and artwork that is created with them. I want my artwork to center around the industry I work in, so I plan to use a lot of drilling rigs, fossils, etc.
Here you will find the first piece of artwork I've created in Photoshop. This is a new program to me, so I'm just learning. Now, if I can just figure out how to add color! LOL!!

"Oil Rig Angel"
Digital Artwork by Andrea
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  1. Oh!!! It turned out so lovely!! The wings look awesome sweetie:) You are doing really well with Photoshop. I am so glad you have started a blog. It really is a wonderful undertaking. I am linking you on my sidebar:) Love, Jamie

  2. Gorgeous angel! I love the background and the severe look of your angel - yet knowing she was probably a wonderful, sweet lady of the era.

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments!

  4. Welcome to blogland!!! I just started my blog in November--it's wonderful. The art community is so generous and helpful, and I love your style!

  5. Love the image Andrea. The idea of shells for wings is such a clever one! Or are they actually fossils? 'scuse my ingnorance! lol. I'm afraid Photoshop scares me at the moment. One day I'll look at it though. :)

  6. Pam, yes the shells are a fossil called an ammonite. Don't be afraid of Photoshop. Jump right in like I have! Thanks for the wonderful comment.