Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Blog Header and Background!!

I have been wanting to change my background and header for some time. There are some beautiful blogs that I follow and they were the inspiration for making the change. I've tried several over the past few days, even trying the new Design Template with Blogger. But, nothing seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Then yesterday, I set down and this header just seemed to come together. Then from there, it was off to look for the perfect background. Today, I've stumbled on it at Background Fairy.

Art Legacy Header
Digital Artwork by Andrea
Hope you like the new look!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bird Bee and Bloom Giveaway!!

What excitement I felt when last week, I arrived home from a very long day at work to find a box on my porch! I had no idea the wonderful treasures that would be awaiting me inside the box. A couple of weeks before I had won the giveaway at Bird Bee and Bloom! I did know that inside the box was a wonderful print from Stephanie Rubiano, but had no idea the other wonderful gifts that Verna had placed in the box as well!
The gifts inside the box from Bird Bee and Bloom

Stephanie Rubiano Print

Inside I would find a wonderful card, butterfly notecards, moleskin journals, tags, the print and an ornament with my initial. Lots of wonderful gifts to treaure!! Thank you, Verna!! I encourage all of you to stop by Bird Bee and Bloom to see Verna's wonderful blog!! She shares wonderful treasures there!