Monday, March 7, 2011

Tip Toe through the Oilfield and Tillie!

It has been a while since I have posted. With the weather and being "under the weather," I've only felt like going to work and coming home. I took a bad case of sinusitus and still am not feeling my best. I do have all the giveaways ready to be mailed and as soon as I can get to the post office, they will be on the way. So sorry it has taken this long!
I did create a couple of new pieces of digital art. One is using the cabinet cards from Marsha at Tumble Fish Studios. On both these pieces I've used Paint the Moon photoshop actions. I love them!!
"Tip Toe through the Oilfield"
Digital Artwork by Andrea All Rights Reserved

I really love how this piece turned out. I inverted my image of the rigs and used a texture from DJ Pettit. Some of the elements are from Nicole Young and a texture from Lori Davidson. I then used the Strawberries and Cream photoshop action from Paint the Moon.

Digital Artwork by Andrea All Rights Reserved

This piece was used with all elements from Tumble Fish Studio. The picture is from the Cabinet Card collage sheet. I used the Sugar Cookie photoshop action from Paint the Moon.
Paint the Moon's icon is on the sidebar of my blog, so click on it to be taken to the website to order these great actions! Hope everyone enjoys!!


  1. These are absolutely beautiful Andrea. I'm so glad you found the time and energy to create these pieces, I have missed seeing your work. And I truly hope you feel better quickly. I too, have had a viral infection since December and it is so hard to shake so I know how you feel. Heres to Spring when we will hopefully feel refreshed, revived and virus free!

  2. So sorry to hear that you've been under the weather, Andrea. Having been a victim of sinusitis in the past, I feel your pain and hope that you feel better each day.

    Love these digi pieces. Paint the moon actions are addictive, arent they?1? It's good to hear from you!!! Hugs, TErri xoxo

  3. Oh, how did I know it? Whenever Andrea is not blogging, I know she is busily creating something new and beautiful. Love your new works. And, I especially love Tillie. Gorgeous. Still hoping to see your Etsy-fy your work in the future. And, happy to hear that you are feeling better.

  4. So sorry you've been under the weather Andrea. Hope you're better now. Take care, and I LOVE these images, very cool, you little talent! Hugs, Riki

  5. These photos are wonderful <3
    Thanks for the information of Paint the moon!!

  6. YOur Digital work is sensational .I would love to purchase some of your art if you do collage sheets

  7. Hi! How fun it is to come by just to visit and then see some hints of Tumble Fish-y in your gorgeous work! And the Oilfield piece is exquisite in a humorous way. I love seeing the reference to Oilfields now that I know the story behind! I'm addicted to Paint the Moon . . . want more, more, more.

    Hope you have a beautiful spring-y week!

  8. Hi Andrea,
    I'm totally in love with your Tilly!
    Just gorgeous. Hope you feel better soon and good luck with the giveaway.
    Have a great day.

  9. Ok, I confess I kept waiting for the oilfield beauty to start moving:) But then I visited Paint the Moon and learned that 'actions' aren't quite the same as making body parts move!ha! Oh, this digital world.....I'll never catch up:) TipToe is stunning!!

  10. Gosh, I am so sorry you have been is a bummer isn't it? But, these pieces you have shared here are just gorgeous Andrea! Your talent amazes me =)) See you again soon....Love, diane xo