Monday, September 13, 2010

Les Soeurs Francaises!!....and To Etsy or Not to Etsy...That is the Question!

This week I have two different versions of the same piece of artwork. The first, I did for my mother who just recently had her 65th birthday. She wanted me to stop at this point and I did just for her. Afterwards, of course, I had to go back and add my fossils. I hope you enjoy them both!
The beautiful sisters came from MirrorImages on Flickr. I can't thank him enough for letting me use the girls! To me they just spoke "French!" I used textures from Playing with Brushes - Flickr and Anji from Distractions Flickr. And of course, thanks to Jamie for the Ammonites! I have used them over and over!! And I've used some flower and french writing brushes.

"Les Soeurs Francaises"
Digital Artwork by Andrea

"Les Seours De Fossiles Francais"
Digital Artwork by Andrea

So, here is my delimma. I've been thinking about starting an Etsy shop, but is it worth it? Would it be worth my while, or should I just keep creating and sharing? Would love everyone's feedback! So, please take my poll at the side of my blog!


  1. Andrea - you MUST start an Etsy shop and you MUST keep on sharing!! Your work is wonderful it would be a waste not to share it with the world and get paid for it! Thank you so much for adding my name to your credits - I appreciate that so much.
    So, when does your store open? I will be the first in line...

  2. Andrea, I have one piece of advice:) When you open your shop, don't undersell yourself. Don't think "oh, this isn't my day job and I just want some extra money for art supplies." When Etsy sellers do that, they hurt themselves and other sellers as well. Sellers who are trying to support themselves and make a living from their art/craft/ETsy shop can not compete with those who 'give' their wares away, who undercut the market, just to create a little cash flow for art supplies.
    With that said, I add: go for it, girl! Value yourself, put your talent out there and let your light shine:)

  3. I say yes--at least try it, because then you won't keep wondering if you should or not, and yes, offer your creations for others to enjoy. If you do, I hope you post about your experience with Etsy. I'm hoping to start a shop in a few months, but not quite sure what to do--I'm hoping it's easy to set up.

  4. Andrea, add me to the list of admirers and cheerleaders for an Etsy shop! You GO, Girl!!! I agree with Diane, you should definitely try it.Your work is beautiful!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox

  5. I have an etsy shop and it's fun. It takes a lot of promoting. There is almost no way to be found on etsy if you don't promote. Try to do a few arts fests and craft shows, too.

  6. I think it's a great idea too! I'm a firm believer that every once and awhile we need to stretch our artistic wings and try something new. Those challenges are what help us improve our skills and keep us growing as artists. So I say - go for it!

  7. I think your work is beautiful and unique. I would love to see you start your Etsy shop and agree with Trish - don't under value your work. It is gorgeous.

  8. Well 1st off, I LOVE both of these pictures!!! Since I'm nuts for crowns, if forced to choose which I like BESTEST, I'd go with the 2nd...but just wonderful work girl.
    To etsy or not to is my experience. I etsy, but I have never sold much on it. I see how successful others are on it, but that just hasn't happened for me. Since I have the shop, I have another outlet for sales, so it's not that big of a deal...but if I ever let that go, I would try to really sink my teeth into etsy.
    My other thought though is...
    it doesn't hurt to try. It's not that time consuming, list a few things & see how it goes. I have sold several things, just not very many. Good luck with which ever way you decide to go!!!
    Smiles Friend,

  9. Your work is gorgeous! I think you should definitely try it :-)

    Thanks for entering my giveaway!
    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!
    Gaby xo

  10. I have just discovered your lovely blog filled with such beautiful soft collage and mixed media art. Wonderful design and attention to details with a vintage feel. I look forward to visiting again!

  11. Hi Andrea,
    love both pieces - gorgeous! I say; GO Girl!!!You have nothing to loose.
    BTW hope your Mom is doing fine.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  12. Hi Andrea~
    Love your work...YES,YES,YES open an etsy shop.
    So easy and you will do well!
    NO reason not to really, it is FUN:)
    xoxo Cindy