Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Shop!

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments, thoughts and prayers concerning my mother! She is on the road to recovery, but it is a daily process. She can now walk up to ten minutes after each meal, which is a great accomplishment.
So, I'm taking Susan Tuttle's online Digital Layers class. Diane told me it would change my art, and was she ever right! I had no idea the different ways you could alter textures. To say the least, I'm having a blast! Here is one of my first attempts at using three textures. Postcard is from FrenchKissed and textures are from ShadowHouse Creations and Last Door Down the Hall.


  1. I'm so glad you are learning all these new techniques - It really is life changing! I remember when I first started with layers - I would scan every thing in sight just to get a new texture. I even scanned the palm of my hand at one point! Your work is looking wonderful. Hope your mum is 100% soon. Sending lots of positive energy Anji

  2. I am so relieved your Mom is doing well! Walking 10 minutes is awesome. I know you must be worn out, but hang in there Sweetie!!

    Susan is the greatest!! I love textures and Flickr has so many great creative commons one that are beautiful. I will send you the links to my favorite texture creators:) Love, Jamie

  3. Hi Andrea,
    so glad to hear your mother is doing better.
    Your new piece is just beautiful, can't wait to see more.Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. So happy to learn that your Mom is on the mend. Better and better each day, is my wish for her.

    This image is a favorite of mine. And, what you have done with it is just great. Love it.

  5. LOVE this piece & all it's wonderful layers...yummy!!!!