Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Garden Fairy!

I've always loved Gale Blair's collage sheets of her children. In fact, I have ordered quite a few. But, not really being a paper artist, they are in a box with my other paper scrapbooking supplies. But, recently, Gale has added a new category called "Hybrid Images." These images you can use in your digital artwork. I was so excited to buy a few and try them! I really love them, because, the images are already colored so beautifully, so all you have to do is use your magnetic lasso tool in Photoshop and cut them out, and get to making your digital art. So, this week, I've used one of Gale's images. I'm also having a great time using Photoshop brushes in my artwork as well. I truly hope you enjoy it! Be sure and check out PaperWhimsy to see the great images that Gale has available!
"The Garden Fairy"
Digital Artwork by Andrea
Also, please keep my mother in your thoughts and prayers! Last Wednesday, I had to take her to the emergency room for chest pains. Come to find out, she had a major heart attack in what the Doctor's call the "Widow Maker" area of the heart. They were surprised she survived the attack! A stent was put in, and she is back home now. We also learned, at the same time, that she is Diabetic and has High Blood Pressure. It's going to be a daily walk with us, but we are so glad that she is here today! The power of prayer is truly marvelous!


  1. Your collage is utterly lovely! Just like a dream.

  2. oh miss andrea, as always, when i come to visit your blog i am left breathless but the beauty of the work you do. just lovely. thanks for sharing with us!

  3. I do hope your mum is feeling better now Andrea. It must have been such a scare for all of you but thank the Lord that it was caught in time. My prayers are with you. Your digi artwork is beautiful. Keep uploading as I would love to see more!

  4. Bon nuit, Andrea! Just a note to say hello and let you know I dropped in to do some blog catching up. Always so impressed with your wonderful use of subtle colors! I see that you have been coping with health and family issues also, as I have been. Sending a hug your way:)

  5. Dear Andrea,
    sending good thoughts and prayers to you and your mom. Hope she will be fine.
    big hugs,

  6. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers "as we speak", Andrea. An angel was, indeed, watching out for your Mom. I'm glad she's home. Just take it one day at a time. Sending tons of hugs your way, Terri xoxoxo

  7. Oh Sweetie!! You have been through it haven't you? Please know I am keeping your family in my thoughts. It sounds like your Mom had excellent care. Sending quick healing prayers to her. And lots of Hugs to you Sweetie! Love, Jamie

  8. Andrea
    what a gorgeous digi collage using one of my favorite PW images...she is just the sweetest!
    Sending prayers your way for your Mom...I hope she is ok!

  9. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you and your mom, Andrea!
    Your collage is fabulous. Love that image, too!
    Sending big hugs across the miles!
    Take care, Gaby

  10. Hi Andrea, Thanks so much for visiting me! I am so glad you did because I have fallen in love with your beautiful images, they are gorgeous! I just adore vintage images and fairies but I am terrible at photoshop! any way I'm a follower!