Sunday, May 2, 2010

By the Fossil Sea!

I can't express how much I have enjoyed the comments from my last piece of artwork! When I saw Marsha's comment, I kept saying, "She likes it! She likes it!" There is nothing like the elation you feel when the artist who has perfected a certain style, likes your attempt at their style.
This week I wanted to create a piece that spoke of summertime. When I think of summertime, I think of going on a vacation, perhaps visiting somewhere I haven't been before. But, the thought of vacation, for me, has always been the ocean. I don't know why, perhaps because I don't live by the ocean and some of the best vacations have been trips to Galvaston, although I haven't been in years. Also this week the song, "By the Sea, By the Sea", kept coming to my mind. So, I hope this piece of artwork makes you think of fun times by the sea!
"By the Fossil Sea"
Digital Artwork by Andrea
The little girls came from FrenchKissed, fossils from Art-e-ology, Sea Pixie from Lisa Kettrel, background from Playing With Brushes, texture from Shadowhouse Creations, and the crowns, wings, words, boat and pixie dust from Nicole Young. I hope you enjoy and think of pleasant summertime memories!


  1. It does--one of my best childhood memories--thanks for creating this!!

  2. This lovely piece has such a beautiful, romantic quality! Nicely done! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. This card is enchanting! Beautifully done!
    Gaby xo

  4. Andrea, Thank you for giving me credit as the source of the little boy and girl. You have given them a new life and I think they are precious!....Galveston, Galveston...I can hear Glen Campbell now:) I have been to Galveston MANY times -- one of the few places I like in Texas.

  5. OK, this is just ADORABLE!!!!! Love it, every single glittering, shimmering piece of it!!!
    Smiles Friend,

  6. first time on your blog and delighted to be here...I have been wanting to tell you how much I love your "Geo-tech Fairy"...she is awesome!
    ...and now your "Fossils by the Sea" with the little pail full of your art!

  7. This card is SO SO beautifull! Love it!!!

  8. Hi Andrea, that is very sweeet and I also love "We Only Care About the Cake" and "The GeoTech Fairy".

  9. This is a beautiful piece. I love the colors used to create this soft look. Wonderful.